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Shoal Air Logo SIMPLE whiteThe extraordinary East Kimberley is a spectacular lanscape from all perspectives – on land, on water, … and from the air.

Kununurra sits at the heart of the East Kimberley, and is your launching pad for exploring this rugged and pristine wilderness where so many of its treasures can only be visited or viewed by air.

Local operator Kingfisher Tours proudly offers the most diverse and complete portfolio of aerial scenic tours … with the largest fleet of scenic tour aircraft, … and enthusiastic and knowledgeable pilots to take you there. Our tours showcase the spectacular landscape, history, cultural heritage and contemporary enterprise of the region.

Your flight with Kingfisher will be one of your most enduring and treasured memories of the Kimberley.  It will be our pleasure to welcome you on board.

A truly local perspective:

Owners of Kingfisher Tours, Steve and Rosie, have collectively almost 60 years experience of living, working and exploring the Kimberley.

They have travelled to the far extremities of the region and take great pride in sharing their insights and experience with visitors.

Kingfisher offers small group tours of typically 4 to 6 guests on each flight, where every seat is a window seat, Exclusive to Kingfisher, our pilots provide a detailed and personalised in-flight commentary via 2-way intercom headsets.

Shoal Air Logo SIMPLE whiteShoal Air Logo SIMPLE white

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