Who will I be flying with?

Your booking has been made with Kingfisher Tours.

Kingfisher Tours  use Shoal Air aircraft and aircrew. Shoal is fully licensed and certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to provide air charter services in Australia. Shoal is the longest serving and respected air charter company in the North East Kimberley.

What aircraft will I be flying in?

Our scenic tour fleet of aircraft include 5 pax seat Cessna 210, and 6/7 seat Cessna 207 and GA8 Airvan types. These aircraft are ideal for scenic tours as they are high wing for maximum visibility, very stable and comfortable. With 2 abreast seating all passengers enjoy a window view. Specific aircraft types can be requested and we will do our best to cater to your needs however this is always subject to availability. Twin engines are available upon request

What do I need to bring on my tour?

For the scenic air tours, all you need is your camera, we provide water and minties for the flights.

For the Treks , please bring comfortable walking shoes , bathers (if swimming) , lose comfortable clothes to walk , food and water is provided on all ground tours.

Do I receive commentary during my flight?

All Kingfisher tours include commentary by your guide on the ground or your pilot in the air. The aircraft are fitted with 2-way communication headsets enabling in flight conversation and the opportunity to ask questions.

What else is included in the cost of my tour?

Included in your tour seat price is :

  • Coach pick-up and return to your Kununurra accommodation, and ground transfers at any enroute destinations.
  • Chilled bottled water, Minties and Refresher Towels available on board.
  • Information booklets
  • Friendly and helpful staff.
  • Local promotional items which vary through the season.
  • All day tours also include light refreshments, morning tea, and lunch.

Why are there minimum passenger requirements on some tours and what do they mean?

Our all day tours are available on a minimum seat sale basis. We need to operate a sustainable business,  this is often not a problem in the middle of the Dry Season. We maintain a “wait list” and will endeavour to find other interested parties so the tour can go ahead.

How can I be prepared for motion sickness?

Passengers who are prone to motion sickness may consider taking travel sickness medication prior to the tour. Kwells  tablets are available from the local Pharmacy and have proven to be very effective.  Please read the label and use only as directed.

What happens to my booking if there is any unfavourable weather?

Is this occurs, especially if you have booked during the wet season and if there are safety concerns and restricted viewing conditions we work around you and either delay or bring forward your tour where possible. All cancellations made by Kingfisher Tours will be fully refunded.  Adverse weather is not usually a problem in the Dry Season from April to September.

Why do I need to provide my weight?

You are only providing your weight if you are flying as there are legal and safety requirements regarding the operating weight of an aircraft. For small aircraft it is essential that accurate weight information on all passengers and baggage is obtained, and your pilot may request that all passengers are carry-ons are weighed prior to the flight.  If inaccurate weights are provided then this may lead to delay and inconvenience as we may need to reconfigure aircraft and seating arrangements.

Will I get a window seat?

Yes, you are guaranteed a window seat on all tours.

How high will we fly?

We generally fly at around 2500 feet (approx 800m) to maintain good visibility. This does vary depending on what you would like to see, vision obstacles (smoke etc), and any air turbulence encountered.

Any tips for taking good photographs?

Yes.  Do not rest your camera against the window or other aircraft structure as the vibrations and reflections will surely ruin your photo. Use a fast shutter speed as depth-of-field is not really a problem at altitude. We also highly recommend a UV filter for your camera, to reduce the effect of any atmospheric haze and smoke.

Can I get a helicopter both ways if I don’t think I can do the Mitchell Falls Trek ?

Yes the extra chopper flight is not included in the tour price , for an additional $160.00 you can chopper both ways, talk to our res staff if you are concerned with any of the treks .

How long do we spend flying over the Bungles?

We fly a set pattern over the Bungle Bungle Ranges for around 20 minutes. We orbit over the spectacular beehive formations on the eastern side of Purnululu National Park before heading west to explore some amazing deep gorges and gullies. Here we exit the park and track towards the Argyle Diamond Mine. Due to other aircraft traffic we cannot deviate from this standard pattern.

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