Drysdale Station Tours

Kingfisher Tours operates aircraft from Drysdale River Station, each year from May through to August, offering an extraordinary scenic flight, to this very remote and pristine corner of the Kimberley.


D1 Prince Regent and Mitchell Falls Explorer

Take off from Drysdale Station and fly over Mt Hann, track along  the Prince Regent River and descend to King Cascades, follow the river to St George Basin, and the striking Mt Trafalgar and Mt Waterloo.

At the Prince Frederick Harbour we fly close to the islands which stretch across the water, just to the right of Naturalists Island and head to the mouth of the Hunter River.

Then on to circle over the iconic Mitchell River Falls with ample opportunity to capture a perfect photograph.

After our 2 hour flight we return to Drysdale River Station.

Flights are available daily (from May to August)

Max 5 passengers per aircraft. Prices vary with number of guests booking, as follows:

  • 2 pax $900 pp
  • 3 pax $600 pp
  • 4 pax $450 pp

Book directly with Drysdale River Station (08 9161 4326) or online with Kingfisher.


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