[K4] Wandjina Explorer

In the culture of the Kimberley people, the Wandjina is a respected and irritable spirit, who brings water and life to a parched land. Join us as we explore the heart of the Wandjina country and marvel at the landscapes, river systems and coast that these spirits have nurtured.

The Ultimate Scenic Flight

Departing Kununurra we track west towards the striking Cockbun Ranges and the Pentecost River. We overfly the El Questro Township and Homestead, the famous Pentecost Crossing, and Home Valley Station before setting course for the Mitchell River Falls, overflying the remote and unpopulated central Kimberley.

Mitchell Falls

The majestic Mitchell Falls, or Punamii-Unpuu, are an iconic landmark in the Kimberley and is significant culturally and spiritually for the Wunambal people who have lived in harmony with this landscape for thousands of years. (Note: We sometimes land at Mitchell Plateau airfield to transfer guests)

From the Falls we track for the coast to Admiralty Gulf and the spectacular Kimberley Coastal Camp. and the abandoned early settlement of Port Warrender.

Truscott-Mungalalu Air Base

Enroute we pass by the pearl farms of Vansittart Bay and sometimes glimpse the daily coming and going of sea-planes which carry the precious harvest to Darwin.

Truscott historic WWII airbase is now a busy transfer hub for the off-shore oil and gas rigs in the Timor Sea. During the War of course it was top secret air base from which the Allies launched many successful raids to the Dutch East Indies Archipelligo. The Japanese knew of its existence but never discovered its location despite extensive reconnaissance efforts.


We’ve know been in the air for 2+ hours and its time for a comfort stop and tour of WA’s most northern settlement – Kalumburu remote Aboriginal community. A courtesy coach conveys us to the lawns and shade of the still active Kalumburu Mission where a gourmet picnic brunch and refreshments are served. We are invited to view the the Mission Museum, a treasure trove of artefacts and history.

King George Falls

We head out from Kalumburu, northwards along the Broome-Napier Bay and the mouth of the mighty Drysdale River. The remote resort of Faraway Bay is next in view, where we sometimes land to transfer guests. The awesome King George Falls spring into view, flowing year-round, the 40m twin falls are an unforgettable sight, only accessible by air or sea. The Falls also featured in Baz Luhrmann’s 2008 film “Australia”

 Timor Sea Coast

Onwards along the pristine Timor Sea coast we view the exclusive Berkeley River Resort, rocky headlands, spectacular pockets of white sand beaches and remnant rain forests. If the sea is calm we sometimes observe large fish and marine mammals along the shoreline.

We then track across the Cambridge Gulf, the maritime gateway to the East Kimberley,  towards the delta of the Ord River.

The Lower Ord

We descend over the Lower Ord Wetlands, rich in aquatic life including migratory geese transiting between northern and southern hemispheres. On the banks of the Lower Ord we often see saltwater crocodiles basking on its muddy banks or lurking in the shallows waiting for an inattentive cow to take a drink. House Roof Hill passes by, the homestead setting for the movie “Australia”.

We finally arrive at the Ord River Irrigation area and its patchwork of farms growing Chia, Sandalwood, Melons, Sorghum, Mangoes and many other crops. Ord Stage 2, currently being developed by its Chinese investor, and the future stage 3 are clearly observed. On approach to Kununurra we view the old Ivanhoe Crossing, and the newer Diversion Dam and irrigation channels which store and deliver the water for agriculture.

Throughout the flight your enthusiastic pilot will provide you with a detailed narrative and point out many more features along the way.

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Available from Kununurra daily (except Sunday) at 0700am . Flight time: 4+ hours

Adult $985 | Child $925 | Senior $955

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