It is our pleasure at Kingfisher to introduce the 2019 all-day experiences. We showcase our backyard and enhance our guests experience by utilising our local connections with people and country, for every tour. We can pick up or drop off at Wyndham, Purnululu (Bungle Bungle) and Mitchell Plateau, Emma Gorge, ELQ, Home Valley Station, Far Away Bay, Berkeley Resort and the Kimberley Coastal Camp, as we take you to meet amazing people, places and have unforgettable experiences. On our exclusive small group tours. Kingfisher will pick up from our guests’ accommodation in the morning on our courtesy buses and return them back to their accommodation at the end of the day, or if there is time a sunset drink at the Kingfisher tours terminal as the sun sets over the airstrip, to end your amazing day.

For the flight component of our tours we use GA8 Airvans and Cessna 200 series aircraft where every seat is a window seat, and you will have two-way comms with the pilot.

The Airvans are Australian made designed for air touring, and the Cessnas are a stallwart of Kimberley aviation. Our off road 4wd coaches are air conditioned and very comfortable. The boats are from Lake Argyle Cruises and are the best on Lake Argyle, and our 4wd Land cruiser is new in 2019 season for our secret locations tour out of Kununurra.

Our guides are truly local, with several Traditional owner guides who have connection to the country they are guiding you across for thousands of years, all our guides have senior first aid training. At Kingfisher we are focused on small group, authentic and beautiful experiences for our guests. We pride ourselves on our gourmet picnics and lunch packs and we use local produce with some bush tucker elements. Our res staff on the bookings desk are all experienced local people, who can assist with any booking requests. We aim to provide the exquisite and unforgettable East Kimberley Experience. The gross rates are provided and we encourage you to register your staff’s EOI for any of the 2019 product early, so we can ensure they have experienced our tours before the season kicks off in 2019. Also for regular forward group bookings Kingfisher will offer a season rate to operators. We look forward to sharing these experiences in the 2019 season.




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